Dec 26 2015

Remembering means fighting: #BlackD15 comes to #StL

Solidarity Means Attack!

All day, evening and late into the night of December 22nd, a few longtime friends/accomplices in Saint Louis, MO tagged militant anti-police & anti-prison slogans, defaced multiple billboards, and stencilled black roses all over the metro area. This was done in solidarity with Greek comradescall for an international Black December.

The black rose is an old and storied symbol, one used sporadically by anti-authoritarians around the world and throughout history. Our black roses have been left at sites of state violence, to memorialize every daily harassment & indignity, every drop of blood spilled & every bone broken; every life ruined, locked up, and enslaved, and every brilliant star snuffed out the state and its agents. Our roses serve as a reminder of the countless atrocities committed by the agents of oppression & exploitation and as a threat to the police, with their badges & their guns; to the cowardly snitches who fear connecting with other human beings so much that they gleefully collaborate in state violence against their own neighbors; and to the kkkop in your own head, who we all must struggle with on a daily basis.

There are now over 240 black roses scattered across every neighborhood in Saint Louis, and more to come. We prefer to write on the walls of our city, rather than quibble in digital spaces, out of recognition of the profound danger of retreating into the aether of the internet. We prefer to direct our energy towards attack in full view of the public, calling out the enemies of freedom by name, to dispel the myth of their invincibility and show that even a small posse of friends and trusted comrades can shatter the banality of domestication. We do not seek to convert others to our cause, but rather, to throw up a signal to all those inclined to care, who would resist, who would wage war on misery, to signify that we are not alone and to remind one another that we can choose to take action in our own lives and, together, strike out against the spectacle, the police, their prisons, and all the forces of immiseration.

Kick-in the fences, burn the barricades, get free and bask in the warmth of the fires of resistance to come. Let us spread like the wildfires that once not so long ago and one day again and soon will rejuvenate the prairies and the forests and the land. Never forget, remembering means fighting.

For the wyld!

Your friend & accomplice, the wyldfire

Dec 12 2015

On bringing #BlackDecember to StL

We want to relive the days when “death shall have no dominion, and dead men naked they shall be one with the man in the wind and the west moon, and they shall break in the sun till the sun breaks down”
(paraphrased verses from a poem by Dylan Thomas).


Last month Greek anarchists called for an international month of autonomous, insurgent, and militant direct action in remembrance of our dead and imprisoned comrades, naming this call-to-action Black December. In the memory of all we lost which spurred the furious streetfighting of the past year, and in celebration of all we’ve each found with one another in these shared moments of insurrection, so beautiful and terrible all at once, we mean that this call-to-action not go un-answered in the greater StL-area.

Let’s shatter the banality of life in the river city, where we watch – as though we were helpless – as politicians and the gentrifying purveyors of progress, servants one and all to capital, build redundant sports arenas or an expensive aquarium to imprison animals for human amusement, rather than safe places for everyone in the city to sleep at night; a city that quietly bulldozes tent cities and casually plants anti-homeless spikes under overpasses, whose politicians pat themselves on the shoulder while professional activists line up to stroke the egos of city managers who claim to be “solving” the city’s homeless “problem”; where the biggest news of the year isn’t all the tears and hugs shared, the friendships & affinities forged and mental bondage broken by the explosion sparked by police’ coldblooded murder of Black youth, but rather, the fanfare surrounding the opening of a local Ikea.

There is no right or wrong way to do #BlackDecember, no instruction manual or actvist-y formula. We trust that the indominatable hearts of those inclined to act on this will guide them in the manner best suited to each individual. If you’re looking for inspiration, there’s plenty of recent, local examples of creative solutions to the immiseration of daily life in StL. Just think about it…

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