Jul 20 2015

A Late Nite Rant in Q!

First things first, let’s get this on the table:

Yes, absolutely when we say queer we very-much DO mean the obliteration of your “straight” cis-topia of normativity, identity, gender and the politics by which you capture, categorize, catalogue, sanitize, sterilize, hierarchize & domesticate the great throbbing, swarming multitude of anarchic wyld life you oh-so passive aggressively call “humanity”; as though the very mobilization of this morally loaded designation obligates all the rest of us to civil social behavior in blind acquiescence to the eco-cidal prison you call civilization.

How did we come to this point, you ask? Perhaps it is the feeling of being cornered into constantly explaining to your conservatives how the struggles of people not currently granted the same pitiful socio-legal, cultural and economic rights & benefits as you is NOT equivalent to the legalization of horse-fucking, or marriage between queers and cacti, for example. Maybe we’re sick and fucking tired of the mutherfuckin’ horseshit games you expect us to submit to playing, or being played by, which privilege you at the expense of Other-ed persons; not to mention that these biopolitical games are the very same which imprison us all by virtue of our very participation in them, out of some misguided hope for “equal rights” – as though gaining said rights would make us anything other than what you are, a beneficiary of the privilege extracted from the exclusion of those onto whom the Other category must necessarily be applied so that your disgusting, gluttonous lifestyle can go on commodifying and consuming us all.

Alternately, perhaps it is the tendency of your liberals to co-opt, redirect and rehabilitate our resistance into a pissant movement for “inclusion” into your sick system of privilege, of hierarchy, of extractive industry and of subduing, subverting and replacing the hot & heavy, chaotic maelstrom of messy, wet & wyld actually-living life into reified mapable & marketable discreet categories of “things” called identities, which we are then and only then granted the “right” to “choose” between and which thus having been chosen-from-at-gunpoint must be performed, adhered-to, tried on and switched-out like so many plastic garments mass-produced in third world slave conditions, pushed like so much heroin into our veins & our brains via sterile strip mall displays, clever product placement in this summer’s next record-breaking blockbuster, and popup adds determined by focus groups to be the ideal inroad to efficiently exploit “the queer market”.


Does any of this sound surprising to you? Shocking, perhaps? Appalling? Anti-social, narcissistic, and/or borderline sociopathic? Feel like we’re blowing this all out of proportion?

Well guess what… too fuckin’ bad. And fuck you. No, it’s not “too late” for dialogue, either, because discourse with authority and the status quo has never been our goal. However, the utter ruination of authority, of the status quo, the perversion of everyday life has ever been our delight, our raison d’être. We mean to lose ourselves in loosing the wyldness of undomesticated life upon civilized humanity, and in so doing find one another.

If any of this resonates with you, you must know by now that you are not alone. Not by far. We’ll find one another, and together we’ll smash all their toys and burn this shit to the ground.

For The Wyld!